Watchalong Stopwatch for OBS

The time can be rewritten while the stopwatch is stopped.

00 hours 00 minutes 00.000 seconds




Please follow the steps below to use it:

  1. Browser: Make this window full screen (recommended)
  2. Browser: Scroll to the top of this page and adjust your OBS to show the time.
  3. OBS: Add a Window Capture SourcesOpen the link in new tab in source panel (create a new one)
  4. OBS: Select this window in the added "Window Capture Source".
  5. OBS: Crop the window capture you added in OBS (Resize while pressing the ALT key).
  6. OBS: If you want to make the background transparent, use the "Color Key Filter Open the link in new tab" and set the background color to "Key Color Type".
  7. OBS: Reduce to just the right size.
  8. Browser: Press the START button, and when the countdown starts, play the video you want to watch simultaneously at the right time.

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