Be sure to make backups of both the vtube.json of the base model and the new model before working on it.

Please use at your own risk.

JSON is fragile. Just a misplaced comma or a double-quote will break JSON.

When working with your hands, please handle them gently and carefully.

Bug reports and requests can be sent to my Twitter account.

🔰 How To Use

If the "animations" and "expressions" folders are already in the base model folder, you will need to copy them to the new model folder as well.

  1. Load the "***.vtube.json" file of the base model into "{YOUR BASE MODEL}.vtube.json".
  2. Load the "***.vtube.json" file of the new model into "{YOUR NEW MODEL}.vtube.json".
  3. When completed, download the result vtube.json from the Download button of Result.
  4. Overwrite "***.vtube.json" of the new model with the downloaded file.

Technical details

Only do replacements as string.

When JavaScript reads JSON as JSON, changes occur in the value.

For example, 1.0 becomes 1, or the last digit of a decimal point with many digits is increased.

I consider those to be minor issues. However, just in case, we will not let JSON be read as JSON, but only do string substitution.

The following items will be replaced.

  • JSON.Name
  • JSON.ModelID
  • JSON.FileReferences.Icon
  • JSON.FileReferences.Model
  • JSON.FileReferences.IdleAnimation
  • JSON.FileReferences.IdleAnimationWhenTrackingLost

When this mode is enabled, the values of the other checkboxes cannot be changed.

When this mode is enabled, all other checkboxes will be activated.

Hot Key Params

When enabled, takes over the hot key settings.

VTS Params

When enabled, takes over all settings except for the hot key settings.